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The Big Lowdown Lowertown

August 15, through August 17 marked a weekend full of excitement, imagination, and play as Bedlam Lowertown hosted its very own 2nd The Big Low Down in Lowertown. This was a night of  improvised theater . The Bedlam Lowertown Theater in collaboration with Placebase productions, the Lowertown community was given a chance to come out and play. The tradition began many years back when the youth of St. Paul would go out in the evenings and play. Overtime with the lack of outdoor activities and participation by children, the Bedlam theatre decided to re-create this tradition but this time include the adults.

The event consisted of eight stages in which performers were already set up to re-enact a scene. Each scene gave the audience knowledge about the area that they resided in. The audience was lead by various leaders that took individuals to each site, but while observing the scene themselves; audience members were given the chance to participate in the scene themselves.  The scenes and active plays began at the new Bedlam Lowertown space and ends in Mears Park.

It was three nights of fun, adventure and escaping from reality into a paradigm of imagination. Where audience members explore the paradigms of their adult imaginations and once again got to come out and play.