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New Saints Stadium

New Baseball Park Will Bring the Business


By Melissa Pedersen, Contributing Writer


All baseball fans would agree that a good stadium, with a fun atmosphere is a great addition to any game. However, many do not usually like the idea of changing locations once they have gotten comfortable in one ballpark. It can become an issue to address though if a park, like Midway Stadium is just standing still and the area it is has hardly any growth or excitement. The choice for the St. Paul Saints to move from Midway to a new stadium in Lowertown is one that will be much better in the long run.


The initial process to get this structure established was more difficult that anyone expected. Many thought it was lawmakers idea of a ploy to just get more visitors into downtown St. Paul and the Lowertown area. That seems like a ridiculous idea though, considering Lowertown is already a thriving neighborhood on its own and the new Saints stadium will just be a plus for everyone.


As the plan stated, the Diamond Products & Gillette building will be torn down and that is the space that will be used for the new ballpark. Some of the key aspects that are going to be focused on at the field will be the fact that is open air with all natural grass. Also, there is going to be a total of approximately 7,500 seats for fans.


One interesting fact about the Saints new stadium that will make it stand apart from most other ballparks is the way it will be designed. Majority of ballparks are designed to face to the east so in evening games the sun will not be setting in the batter’s eyes. However, this stadium in Lowertown is going to be built with the design that it faces the southwest and will be relying on downtown skyscrapers to shield the sun from the players.


The completion of this site will help to create a connection between downtown bike and pedestrian trails. A few of those trails would be Morgan, Bruce Vento and Gateway. Once everything connects these it makes the stadium an even greater attraction for fans, visitors, and anyone in that area. On top of that, there is going to be easy access to the light rail system and as many people who already ride it know that using this system is great way to take advantage of traveling around the metro area.


Overall, this new ballpark for the St. Paul Saints is something that has been much needed for quite some time. Even if the area of Lowertown has it’s own attractions for thriving and growing, this stadium will only help and as the Star Tribune calls it, “the Cities’ coolest place to hang this summer”. There is also the possibility of the change of location bringing the Saints more fans over time. Official opening of the park will be in spring of 2015, just in time for a new baseball season.